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Triviala - triviala is full of small quiz tests. if you are really good you can win some cash




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Vollmergruppe - CD with complete game   

Siemens - CD, brochures and catalogues   

Sharp Deutschland Solar - solar panels DVD   

Robert Bosch - ESP DVD

Bowers & Wilkins - DVD about speakers 800 series

Bragg Health Crusaders - health products DVD

Scripturessay - 2 DVDs about bible

Breast Cancer 3-Day - brochure, calendar and DVD

Pourensavoirplus - DvD from French pacifists   

Ski DVD request - Black diamond.  

Sony Media Software - sampler CD.  

Goji Publications - book or CD  

Ubuntu - 60 cd-s. Linux like computer software and more.  

Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium - CDs about tobacco  

Panda Software - evaluation CDs  

Nato - 2 new CDs. One is about fight against terrorism and the other is about member countries (facts and figures).  

Renaissance - demo CD.  

Oliver Media - VHS or CD about design in media.  

Pinnacle Systems - demo CD, Studio 9 software  

IBM -  iSeries demo CD  

Anxiety And Panic Attacks - "Linden" method CD  

Arosa Kulm Hotel - DvD presentation, hotel in Switzerland.  

Nature - Malaria CD  

PowerPoint - CD, religious explanation why tsunami happened  

Terry Law online - World Compassion DVD, "Real Iraq" documentary film   

Palisade Corporation - CD, trial version of @RISK 4.5 Professional   

Fluitec - condition monitoring. Free CD   

Myanmar - free CD Rom and a 24-page booklet will show you amazing pictures and many interesting things.   

In touch - "Right Relationships" CD or cassette.   

Walton music - CD sampler  

Sally Anthony - CD sampler  

Treats - 50 min documentary on DvD "Treasures from the Sea"    

Aconcagua Expedition - DvD about their expedition.  

Siemens Dematic - ecommerce promo CD  

Halls diving - DvD and catalog from the diving school  

BOSS - free CD  

Matrox - RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Demo CD  

Out of the ark - 3 music CDs  

Carlson Homes - DvD presentation of the construction company  

Kendormusic - 2 CDs and a catalog  

Hi - CD, educational material  

Ibi - CD  

Palisade Corporation - software CD( business risk control)  

InterBingo - CD with video games (roulette, blackjack, slot machine, poker...)  

Sage - DvD for fishermen 

ehc direct - DvD or video tape

How different - bible + CD

Immersion - catalog i DvD, water sports

Nils Petter - music CD, jazz music  

Christianity - music CD, religious music  

Sibelius - catalog and demo software CD   

Flattire - music CD  

Oceanex - educational CD about ocean 

Frontiers in medicine - DvD or CD

Passenger - music CD  

BordiCAD - demo CD

Devon Heath - music CD  

Off The Beat-n-Track - music CD, email request

France Diplomatie - brochure and CD from French government, email request

Monster crayons - DvD  

Dread daze - music CD, email request

Country home products - DvD  

Eere - CD , brochure and poster  

Holland meat - large number of brochures and CD  

Eetap - CD  

Jesse heap - video tape or CD  

Dave Cooke - CD , email request  

Boosey - music CD  

Oliver media - DvD, company presentation

Brevard music - musical CD

Blue-chip band -musical CD ,email request  

Tas entertainments - multimedia CD  

Open University - functions of a brain

Aqualung - CD ,jazz music  

Paul Daniels Magic Shop   

yahoo - CD site builder  

GIS - CD1  

GIS - CD2  

Electronics Workbench - demo CD  

Alcad - CD  

San Juan

UA -  university CD, USA  


Bullfighter - CD  

Village - CD  


Y-Chromo - music CD  

Myrtle Beach golf - video or DvD (for golfers)  

Rosetta stone

eSignal - CD  

Net op 

Mex - demo CD  



Mathematica 4.2 - CD

Cardiac Care - medicinal CD, heart disease

Besser - CD demo program


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