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scratch2cash - scratch cards. Every third is a winner. You receive $5 just for joining...

Triviala - triviala is full of small quiz tests. if you are really good you can win some cash




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Quick2Bid - 2 pounds free to start    

Kitchens Direct - fix your kitchen. free brochure

Today's prize - every day they are sending small stuff (like key chains etc). You can get their t-shirt too.

Centre for Consumer Interests - Complete survey and you’ll receive a free voucher of your choice! With 6 vouchers to choose from What’s more, you are entered into 20,000 prize draw or one of five runner-up prizes of 1,000 Thomas Cook Travel vouchers plus 500 spending money.   

Clickafone - Free MOBILE PHONES: LG, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, Microsoft, Sanyo, MDA, SDA, ZTE, Sagem, MOS, Treo, BlackBerry.

With your Birthdate I can tell your love future for Free. - free personal horoscope


Ipsos - silver necklace for a survey

scratch2cash - every third card is a winner

Plum Offers - Honda Civic is the prize.

Energy - win one year of paid bills

Free reward center - choose what prize suits you best

With your Birthdate I can tell your love future for Free. - free personal horoscope

Sony Cibershot - free camera

Platstation 3 - free

Parship - meet interesting people but see them first...

Play Naughty - For grownups only

Pageflakes Ltd. - make your website in minutes

PhotoBox Ltd - exchange your photos with family and friends + 3 of your photos printed for free

Readers digest - click on "Prize Draw" in upper right corner 




















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